All About Jazz Review of Cecil's Gig Friday July 17th

Here’s a great review from David Orthmann on the “All About Jazz” website:

By David A. Orthmann

New Tricks
Cecil’s Jazz Club
West Orange, New Jersey
July 17, 2009

Over the past few years, the northern New Jersey-based band New Tricks has painstakingly developed a distinctive sound during weekly sessions in the basement studio of saxophonist Mike Lee. It is almost bad form to single out contributions of the tightly knit quartet’s members, which include Lee, trumpeter Ted Chubb, bassist Kellen Harrison and drummer Shawn Baltazor. An excellent, self-titled compact disc recorded in 2007 and released several weeks ago on New Tricks Records only approximates the high energy and single-minded intensity they generated throughout an opening set at Cecil’s Jazz Club. “We are New Tricks,” Lee declared after the first number, as if to underscore the group’s “one for all” ethos…

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  • Tom Chubb

    Great review from an obviously knowledgeable writer with the ability to express true detail about his listening experience and share it with the reader. It motivated me to visit his web site and learn more about him.

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