“Alternate Side” to be released April 5th

New Trick’s second recording, “Alternate Side,” is off to the manufacturer. We hope to have copies in hand by the middle of March. Official release date is April 5th. Just like the first recording, the new cover features the splendid artwork of trumpeter Rob Henke.

About the recording process (from liner notes for “Alternate Side”):
This CD was recorded the way we had dreamed of recording. We played all of the material for three weeks on tour before our first recording session and then for another two weeks before our second session. By the time we recorded our tunes — which are sometimes difficult and always quirky — they felt as comfortable as playing a blues and we could concentrate on making music. We recorded in Shawn’s apartment with all of us in the same room using only blankets wrapped around music stands for audio separation. Then we mixed together, painstakingly going over each instrument, each track, and finding the right audio effects to apply through trial and error. Shawn’s patience and willingness to experiment with us was unlimited over the course of six different mixing sessions. After each session we took home the tracks and listened, compared, argued with one another, and finally arrived at a sound and a mix that reflects our vision as a band.

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