3 in one week for New Tricks.

Last night at the Brooklyn Lyceum began the first of 3 gigs this week for New Tricks. We pushed through some pretty intense heat inside the Lyceum for some fantastic fans that stuck it out through the heat.  We will admit that we made it worth their while, as the band played great. However, we were all soaked by the end of the very first tune.

We continue this week at Kenny’s Castaways on Thursday with a short set at 9pm. There is no cover so come hang with us!

On Saturday we are very excited to be playing two full sets at the Bethlehem Musik-Fest at 6pm on the Banana Island Stage. If you live in western Jersey, or eastern PA. please come and check us out. This is a fantastic festival so don’t miss out. We are really looking forward to this one

Here is a bit of video from the Bethlehem Musik-Fest on August 6th. We are playing one of our favorite tunes “1919”.

Jazz Is Not Dead!

Here are some of the fantastic photos taken by our band friend and photographer Jeff Stella.  Check him out more at www.jeffstellaphoto.com

Kellen Harrison

Ted Chubb

Mike Lee

Shawn Baltazor

We are Back to Work…… Again!

This past tuesday we played at the club Trumpets in Montclair. We had a very nice crowd of family, friends, colleagues, and new friends there. The music was fantastic. It always amazes me how fast this band can get back to such a creative place after not playing together for several months. I also want to thank Matt King and Nathan Ecklund for sitting in and contributing to the fun. This gig marks the end of our summer hiatus and the beginning of a few gigs this fall and winter, the push to finalize our new record, and some other surprises that we will keep you informed on. I have attached some beautiful photos of our gig at Trumpets taken by photographer Chris Drukker.


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California Tour Recap

Obviously to any one who has checked in on our site to see the progress of the California tour has seen that we have not been as motivated to update our tour blog.  I guess we have been so into experiencing California that we have let it slide.  So as I fly back to Jersey here is my attempt at recapping the last several fantastic weeks.  Please excuse the quality of some of the pics, most were taken with Shawn’s phone.

I flew into Los Angeles picked up a rental van and drove up to the Bay area where I met Shawn and Mike in Concord at Shawn’s mothers.  We spent several hours having dinner with Shawn’s mother Juaneta than headed out for the evening.  We went to Berkeley to check out some music at Jupiter. Afterwards we went in to S.F. for a jam session in the mission district at a club called Amnesia.

with trumpeter Mike Olmos.

The session was run by guitarist Mike Abraham, drummer Eric Garland, trumpet player Erik Jacobson, . . . → Read More: California Tour Recap

California Tour Thank you- It’s not about the music its about the people!

The more this band grows the more I realize how special of a musical and personal situation New Tricks is.  The more we play the more our friendships deepen and the musical depths we are able to explore open up wider and wider.  The experience of touring for 5 weeks with a group of friends that happen to play music together has been one of the greatest of my life.  The level of communication and trust in this band is something that I think few musicians have the chance to experience.

As we have toured we have had the opportunity to meet and get to know each other’s families.  This has been particularly rewarding.  Being able to share music we are all so proud of with the people we care about the most has been very satisfying.  It is not only important for me to share this with my own family as I was able to do on our mid-west tour, it is equally as important to me that the other members of the band have that same opportunity.  Its also interesting to me that all of our families who have varied backgrounds and are from various parts of . . . → Read More: California Tour Thank you- It’s not about the music its about the people!

Fun at Oak Lawn High School

Here are some pics from the clinic we did at Oak Lawn High school where my good friend Paul Levy is the band director.

Watch out!! We are recording again!

Yesterday we went over to Shawn’s and began recording our new record.  It was the most refreshing experience in the studio I have ever had.  We all knew the tunes so well from playing them on the road for 3 weeks that we were able to get to a really creative place in the studio!!  Watch out for the new record in the future.

Tour pics photo Gallery

Please visit our Facebook page to view all of our photos from our recent 3 week midwest tour.

New Tricks on Tour!!!!

Days 18 -22

Students from St. Charles East and St. Charles West High School

Day 18

We woke up in St. Charles on Tuesday and headed out to Oaklawn High School where Ted’s friend Paul Levy is band director. We gave a nice clinic for the students and Paul sat in with us and sounded beautiful. It was the first time I had heard him. Then we packed up and headed out to St. Charles East High School where we were hosted by my old friends, Jim Kull and Gil Wukitsch. We gave the clinic for a combined class of St. Charles East and St. Charles North Students. Jim Stombres brought students from North and helped host the event.  We had a quick dinner and then played our concert at the Norris Arts Center which is on the St. Charles East High School campus. It was a very good concert. We met some new students and fans and had a great time hanging out in St. Charles.

Catchup Blog Iowa/Chicago by Ted

Day 11/12

We did a morning clinic and evening concert for the outstanding band program at West High School in Iowa City.  The Band directors Rich Medd and Rob Medd do an outstanding job there.  Mike conducted a saxophone master class and Kellen coached a combo in the afternoon.  We were treated wonderfully and hand a great performance in their auditorium.  Later that evening we met with some of Mike’s great friends in Iowa City including John Rapson, Brett Sandy and Steve Grismore.

Iowa City day off

The next day we were treated to our first true off day on the tour.  We were able to take advantage of beautiful weather and check out the campus of Iowa University.  We taught some lessons in the afternoon to some enthusiastic students back at West High School.  That evening, John Rapson,  the director of the University of Iowa Jazz department treated us to dinner at his house.  The food was great and the company was even better.  Mike had been telling us all along how much . . . → Read More: Catchup Blog Iowa/Chicago by Ted

Road Notes Days 7-10

Shawn with his new barber in Galesburg Illinois

Day 7 – Friday:

We had a fairly relaxing day in Galesburg. We had a great lunch with our wonderful host, Nikki Malley at the Landmark Restaurant. Then we gave a clinic at Knox College. This was one of our best clinics. The guys in the band are really contributing to the clinics and letting me relax a bit. After the clinic we hung around Galesburg, got haircuts (for $11!). Then we drove to Macomb where Mike Stryker and John Cooper from Western Illinois University hosted us for the weekend. Mike is an old buddy and it was great to spend a couple of days with him.

Day 8 – Macomb

with Mike Stryker from Western Illinois University after a great day of clinics.

We went out to breakfast before our very early masterclass at WIU. It was a true masterclass . . . → Read More: Road Notes Days 7-10

New Tricks pics from our July tour.

In Ashtabula

New Tricks visits the beautiful Ashtabula harbor.

Back home at Cecil’s Jazz club.

Shellen doin’ their thing!

After the gig.