Killin’ it in OH-IO land.

Our short mini tour to Ohio was a huge success. On thursday the 19th we played at the Stone in NYC (video of this set will be posted soon). On friday we got an early start and drove to Cleveland and played at Nighttown. As mentioned in an earlier post Jerome Jennings was filling in on drums. Jerome brought all of the professionalism, personality, and swing that he always brings to the table, making him one of the most in demand drummers on the scene today. We had two fantastic sets. There were a number of friends and family members in attendance and even a former bar tender “Kim” from Cecil’s Jazz Club where we all met and began to form the band. Some audio from this gig will be posted soon.

After spending the morning in Cleveland Heights we drove to Columbus for the Jazz and Ribs Festival. We unloaded the car, at which point Kellen let us all know he had left his luggage in Cleveland. I then looked at his . . . → Read More: Killin’ it in OH-IO land.

Kennedy Center Performance

New Tricks at White House after the gig.

This past wednesday New Tricks performed at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts as part of their Millenium Stage series.  This series produces free to the public concerts that the Kennedy Center puts on 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  The performance is also live web-streamed and archived on their website.  It is quite impressive that they put together such a high quality performance every day of the year that is free to everyone!  We were thrilled to be included in their programming and had a fantastic time!  Here is a link to the web archive for all of you who missed the live-stream.                                                                     New Tricks at the Kennedy Center!

Here is a link to an article in the Washington Examiner about our performance.

On “Cloud 9” in Kalamazoo!

We had a great weekend in Kalamazoo. It started with a clinic at Western Michigan University Friday afternoon where we heard two outstanding young groups play for us in the afternoon. Then we performed Friday and Saturday at the Union Cabaret. Here’s the first video of the tour. This is Ted’s brand new tune – Cloud 9.

Ann Arbor to Iowa City and back to Chicago.

On tuesday we had a chance to sleep in and have a slow morning in Ann Arbor. We headed out to the van and begun to load up when Kellen realized that he had lost his ipod.  This seems as a mundane occurence but not to a musician.  If he had lost his girlfriend or been mugged for his wallet we would have told him to forget about it and move on.  But no this was his ipod full of all his music!  So we took the good part of an hour to search through the van and the parking lot, but found no ipod.  We headed back to the UM music building and searched around the parking lot and in the building.  We checked the lost and found.  No ipod.  We head back over to where we had parked the evening before and Kellen gets out of the van looks down on the ground and finds his ipod waiting for him on the tree lawn.  This of course prompted a huge celebration in the middle of the street and made the 2hr delay of the departure  of our 7 hr drive to Iowa City totally worth it.  After . . . → Read More: Ann Arbor to Iowa City and back to Chicago.

Tour Takes us to Chicago, Ann Arbor

The last two days have seen us in Chicago – where we had a very welcome day off, and Ann Arbor, where we gave a clinic to two of the student combos.

Pharez Whitted visits with Ted and New Tricks

Pharez Whitted visits with Ted and New Tricks

The day in Chicago was a good day where Jazz Record Mart and the Green Mill were in our agenda. I visited with my childhood buddy, Jimmy Stella and Ted visited with Paul Levy, his friend for many years. In the evening we met Ted’s teacher from his days in Columbus, the renowned trumpeter, Pharez Whitted.

New Tricks with Geri Allen

Today, we drove to Ann Arbor where we gave a clinic to two student combos at the University of Michigan. I was surprised and honored to be introduced to the students by Geri Allen the acclaimed pianist. Pianist Ellen Rowe,  Bassist Marian Hayden and other esteemed members of the University of Michigan faculty were . . . → Read More: Tour Takes us to Chicago, Ann Arbor

New Tricks is back on tour and all is right in the world.

So we set off from Mike’s house on Monday at the surprisingly prompt time of 8am on our 15 hour drive to Madison Wi.  The drive was surprisingly easy as this band is so tour ready and has such a good time clowning together in the van that it actually made the travel day enjoyable.

Our host for the show on friday was the fantastic tenor player Pat Breiner and friend of Mike’s and mine from NY.  He has relocated to Madison for a bit and began creating a vibrant music series at a great recording studio called Audio for the Arts.  Pat and his girlfriend Emily were fantastic hosts and we had a great time sampling the different local beer and food of Madison.  The gig that evening went great.  Audio for the arts is a beautiful recording studio owned by Steve Gotcher with a great sound.  It was a very intimate performance and the audience was very hip.  We had a great time chatting with all of them on the break.  I also had the pleasure . . . → Read More: New Tricks is back on tour and all is right in the world.

New Tricks Announces Tour Dates!

As of April 1st, we’re back on the road again to promote our new CD which is set to drop on April 5th. We’ll be playing in the Midwest including dates at Nighttown in Cleveland, the Blue Wisp in Cincinnati, the Bistro in St. Louis and many colleges, universities and high schools along our way.

Check out the Calendar!

Alternate Side Parking in Berkeley

New Tricks At the Jazz School in Berkeley This tune is from the same concert as the last post. People in San Francisco seemed to understand what alternate side parking is.

California Tour Recap

Obviously to any one who has checked in on our site to see the progress of the California tour has seen that we have not been as motivated to update our tour blog.  I guess we have been so into experiencing California that we have let it slide.  So as I fly back to Jersey here is my attempt at recapping the last several fantastic weeks.  Please excuse the quality of some of the pics, most were taken with Shawn’s phone.

I flew into Los Angeles picked up a rental van and drove up to the Bay area where I met Shawn and Mike in Concord at Shawn’s mothers.  We spent several hours having dinner with Shawn’s mother Juaneta than headed out for the evening.  We went to Berkeley to check out some music at Jupiter. Afterwards we went in to S.F. for a jam session in the mission district at a club called Amnesia.

with trumpeter Mike Olmos.

The session was run by guitarist Mike Abraham, drummer Eric Garland, trumpet player Erik Jacobson, . . . → Read More: California Tour Recap

California Tour Thank you- It’s not about the music its about the people!

The more this band grows the more I realize how special of a musical and personal situation New Tricks is.  The more we play the more our friendships deepen and the musical depths we are able to explore open up wider and wider.  The experience of touring for 5 weeks with a group of friends that happen to play music together has been one of the greatest of my life.  The level of communication and trust in this band is something that I think few musicians have the chance to experience.

As we have toured we have had the opportunity to meet and get to know each other’s families.  This has been particularly rewarding.  Being able to share music we are all so proud of with the people we care about the most has been very satisfying.  It is not only important for me to share this with my own family as I was able to do on our mid-west tour, it is equally as important to me that the other members of the band have that same opportunity.  Its also interesting to me that all of our families who have varied backgrounds and are from various parts of . . . → Read More: California Tour Thank you- It’s not about the music its about the people!

New Tricks California Tour Starts Next Week!

We’ve got another tour coming up! California! We go to Kellen & Shawn’s home towns and many other gigs. Get all the information on our itinerary.

Fun at Oak Lawn High School

Here are some pics from the clinic we did at Oak Lawn High school where my good friend Paul Levy is the band director.

Tour pics photo Gallery

Please visit our Facebook page to view all of our photos from our recent 3 week midwest tour.

New Tricks on Tour!!!!

We Have Bootleggers! How awesome is that!!

Here are three videos that obviously someone else took of our gig at Roadhouse 61 in St. Louis MO.  We had a great gig here!  To who ever took these, thanks!  In order this is Alternate Side Parking by Ted, Vicenza Days by Mike, and Short Stops by Mike.

1 Oldie and 1 New Goodie – Old Dog and Back to Work

After playing all of our new material every day for the last 3 weeks it opened up a whole other thing on our older tunes.  Check out this new “Old Dog” video recorded at Bears Pub in Bloomington Indiana.  Here is also a video of one of our new favorites “Back to Work”