Live at “The Stone”!

Before the band headed out to Ohio we played a wonderful performance venue in NYC called “The Stone”. July’s curator of music at The Stone was the great pianist Geri Allen. We would like to extend our deepest thanks to her for inviting us to perform. Below are three videos that cover almost our entire set that evening. Please enjoy!

Killin’ it in OH-IO land.

Our short mini tour to Ohio was a huge success. On thursday the 19th we played at the Stone in NYC (video of this set will be posted soon). On friday we got an early start and drove to Cleveland and played at Nighttown. As mentioned in an earlier post Jerome Jennings was filling in on drums. Jerome brought all of the professionalism, personality, and swing that he always brings to the table, making him one of the most in demand drummers on the scene today. We had two fantastic sets. There were a number of friends and family members in attendance and even a former bar tender “Kim” from Cecil’s Jazz Club where we all met and began to form the band. Some audio from this gig will be posted soon.

After spending the morning in Cleveland Heights we drove to Columbus for the Jazz and Ribs Festival. We unloaded the car, at which point Kellen let us all know he had left his luggage in Cleveland. I then looked at his . . . → Read More: Killin’ it in OH-IO land.

New Tricks at the Garage.

Here is a couple of vids from some recent gigs in NYC that we have been playing. The first is from are most recent gig at The Garage. Look for us here in the future as we already have several gigs booked in 2012 here. Its a great place to hear fantastic music for no cover as you make the rounds to all of the west village jazz haunts.

This is a video of how Mike see’s the band. Just joking it’s really just bad camera placement. We had some nice musical moments here so I put it up anyway.

Moore’s Lounge and The Shrine

This past weekend New Tricks played two fantastic gigs.  The First of which was at Moore’s Lounge in Jersey city as part of the JC Originals Jazz Series, produced by the JC Uptown Crew.  This was a wonderfully warm room to play in.  We knew from the minute we stepped in the bar that we were going to have a very inspired show.  There is nothing better than when the line between the band and the audience is erased.  We are going to try and upload video of the entire set soon!  In the mean time you can check out some photos of the show and one tune from our set. here

On sunday we played at the Harlem Music venue “The Shrine”.  There is always an extremely diverse clientele here and the bar staff is great, which creates an inspiring atmosphere to create in.  Check out this clip of our theme song “New Tricks”.


This past friday New Tricks had our first gig at Smalls.  This is a date that had been on the calendar for sometime and represented a next phase in the development of our group.  Smalls is our favorite venue in NYC.  We could not have been happier with the way the music came off or with our fantastic turn out.  There is nothing better than playing music with the people you most like to play with, in a great club, for a fantastic audience.  This past friday could not have gone better and we thank all of our friends, family, and first time listeners for coming out.

The club was so packed I was not able to get a great angle for the video, so I had to set it up on the bar to the side of us. This is not the best video I have taken. However, it was such a great night I had to put some video up to share with the people who were not there, or could not tune in to the live web-stream.

New Dog for Freddy’s Bar Dog

We had a great performance at Freddy’s Bar in Brooklyn this past thursday night.   For all of you who missed it, we will be back there again soon so don’t miss out!  Freddy’s is a great hang, with a fantastic music space.  They also have a really cool bar dog there.  Here is our “New Dog” for Freddy’s dog.

“Shellen vs Chee” from Wheaton.

This is a version of one of our favorite tunes to play “Shellen vs Chee” from our performance at Wheaton College in Illinois.

“Night Town” at the Bistro in St. Louis.

This is a video of a performance of Mike’s new tune “Night Town” which is penned after his family’s favorite restaurant and jazz club in Cleveland. Mike grew up going to and performing at this club and has a long standing relationship with the people there. We actually played this tune at Night Town on the very last date on the tour. A video of that will most likely follow soon. Enjoy this one in the mean time.

New Tricks in “Space”.

New Tricks is “Back to Work” at West High School in Iowa City!

On “Cloud 9” in Kalamazoo!

We had a great weekend in Kalamazoo. It started with a clinic at Western Michigan University Friday afternoon where we heard two outstanding young groups play for us in the afternoon. Then we performed Friday and Saturday at the Union Cabaret. Here’s the first video of the tour. This is Ted’s brand new tune – Cloud 9.

Back To Work – Bakersfield Jazz Festival

Here’s another clip from Bakersfield.

Long Road Home – at Home

From May of 2010, finally back home at Cecil’s Jazz Club in West Orange, New Jersey

New Dog from Bakersfield

Alternate Side Parking in Berkeley

New Tricks At the Jazz School in Berkeley This tune is from the same concert as the last post. People in San Francisco seemed to understand what alternate side parking is.