First California Video

Here’s our first tune on our first gig in California. Optimistic-Lee starts off the set. Shawn and Kellen, take no prisoners from beat one (as usual).

We Have Bootleggers! How awesome is that!!

Here are three videos that obviously someone else took of our gig at Roadhouse 61 in St. Louis MO.  We had a great gig here!  To who ever took these, thanks!  In order this is Alternate Side Parking by Ted, Vicenza Days by Mike, and Short Stops by Mike.

1 Oldie and 1 New Goodie – Old Dog and Back to Work

After playing all of our new material every day for the last 3 weeks it opened up a whole other thing on our older tunes.  Check out this new “Old Dog” video recorded at Bears Pub in Bloomington Indiana.  Here is also a video of one of our new favorites “Back to Work”

Vicenza Days

Here is another clip from our gig in Iowa City.  This is Mike’s new tune Vicenza Days.  Mike wrote this tune about how he spent his days while in the city of Vicenza Italy.  This tune has become one of our new favorites to play!  Hope you enjoy.  We have lots of more video footage that is still yet to be posted.

West High School video of "Shellen vs Chee"

Check out this video of our new tune “Shellen vs Chee”.  We had a great time performing and working with the students at West High School.

New Dog at YSU

Here is another video from our gig at Youngstown State University.  This is Mike’s tune New Dog.

Cleveland State Video

Here is a video of one of our new tunes Optimistic-Lee by Mike.  We had a great time playing in this beautiful 700 seat hall.  This has been one of our best gigs to date on the tour!  We had a blast.

Long Road Home – Youngstown State University

This is from our gig last night at Youngstown State. It will be interesting to chart these tunes over the course of the tour. I’m going to try to post a tune or two from each gig.

Old Dog

New Tricks in Ashtabula, Oh at St. Peters Church.

J's Other Bag

New Tricks From Eaton Square, Columbus, Ohio July 15, 2009

Jackie's Day

Here’s a clip from our gig at Nighttown Restaurant in Cleveland, Ohio from July 16. This is dedicated to my baby daughter, Jackie.

Ah-Leu-Cha at Cecil's July 17th 2009

After Much Discussion, Josie Moves East

“I hope we sound as good as you feel” . . . → Read More: After Much Discussion, Josie Moves East