Samples from our brand new “Alternate Side” CD:

01 Alternate Side Parking

02 Optimistic-Lee

03 Shellen vs. Chee

04 Vicenza Days

05 Back to Work

06 Long Road Home

07 New Dog

08 Short Stops

09 Skeltazor

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Alternate Side - New Tricks

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New Tricks: Alternate Side

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New Tricks: Alternate Side

Below are sample cuts from our first CD entitled “New Tricks”

01 Out of Time

02 Old Dog

03 New Tricks

04 Jackie's Day

05 New Tricks - Ah Leu Cha

06 J's Other Bag

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07 After Much Discussion Josie Moves East

08 Absence

09 In His Steps

10 Amble In

11 1919