Long Road Home

Beginning this monday I will no longer be a member of the touring company of “Jersey Boys”. It has been a long 4 1/2 years. Jersey Boys has changed my life in a way that it makes it hard sometimes to remember life before it. However, their is no better way to leave such a comfy gig than to be immediately thrown back into the hyper creative music laboratory that is New Tricks.  There have been many ups and downs as I have walked this path, but the ups have been very high and almost make it as if the lows have not existed at all.  With the 21st approaching comes the culmination of years of hard work of using my cushy gig to set up my life, but also mark the beginning of a new chapter. A new chapter and renewed dedication to my art form, my band, my career, and my wife.

The new album we are releasing on April 5th “Alternate Side” is the thing I am most proud of being apart of in my career.  I can easily say that it the best thing I have done thus far.  Although I am a part of this band I am also it’s biggest fan.  Every time I listen back to this recording I get off so much on listening to the other cats in the band and am amazed and humbled that I get the opportunity to participate in this experience.  We have a very full spring and summer schedule coming up and I can hardly wait to get back on the bandstand with these guys.

So here we go, onward and upward.  Look out world here comes New Tricks!


3 comments to Long Road Home

  • Hi Ted:

    SO VERY NICE to hear a “band”, all wonderful players yet with a common goal and approach to the music.


  • Ted

    Thanks for the response! Sorry we are not going to cross paths on this years NT tour. Hope we get a chance to hang and hopefully do some playing in the future.

  • Hope the tour goes well, and sorry I won’t get to see any of you guys real soon…well all except the Old Dog in the band :-)….looking forward to playing with Lee and hanging at Birch Creek.

    And yes, in a huge way, to playing with any of you guys, at any point in time.

    Be well, Ted.


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