Moore’s Lounge and The Shrine

This past weekend New Tricks played two fantastic gigs.  The First of which was at Moore’s Lounge in Jersey city as part of the JC Originals Jazz Series, produced by the JC Uptown Crew.  This was a wonderfully warm room to play in.  We knew from the minute we stepped in the bar that we were going to have a very inspired show.  There is nothing better than when the line between the band and the audience is erased.  We are going to try and upload video of the entire set soon!  In the mean time you can check out some photos of the show and one tune from our set. here

On sunday we played at the Harlem Music venue “The Shrine”.  There is always an extremely diverse clientele here and the bar staff is great, which creates an inspiring atmosphere to create in.  Check out this clip of our theme song “New Tricks”.

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