Spotlight in the NYC Hot House!

Here is the spotlight feature in May’s Hot House magazine on page 25!  We are very proud to be included in this publication.

Click below for the full screen view then click again at the bottom of the page to enlarge our article.

1 comment to Spotlight in the NYC Hot House!

  • a fan

    you’d think that a publication would double check the spelling on the names of the artists in their articles!
    “kennen” ??
    “Baltizor” ??

    in the world of jazz, where a person’s name is often times used as the whole enchilada, it is VITAL! if you had a band name, like say the really cool ass band from california called 7EAT9 or something… who cares about the artists names, its just a band name and it should be simple enough to double check the spelling before any publication. but for goodness sake, though it was really cool for New Tricks to get published… the question still remains for the publisher of this printing… how hard can it be to double check the spelling of the artists names?
    i ask these questions because:
    A) they are readily available.
    B) we live in the future
    C) we have the internet
    …and for the finale…
    D) measure twice and cut once AND before you press print; ALWAYS double check everything.

    Anywho… great job guys – keep up the great work.

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