Thanksgiving Update

As we enter the holiday season and ponder the events of the last year, we’re really amazed at the progress the band has made over the past year. Of course our tours last spring were the highlights of 2010. We were able to play night after night with musicians that we find continuously creative and swinging. We met so many young fans, old friends and saw how vital jazz is across the country.

The Recording

We also built an entire new repertoire of tunes that we were able to perform live 20 to 30 times across the country and THEN go into the studio after we returned to the east coast. Not only was the recording the easiest session I’ve ever been a part of, because of the preparation and the comradery of the band, but we decided to record and mix it ourselves! Shawn has a home studio that we recorded at on two occasions. We used his expertise (and good will) to work on the mix on five different mixing sessions in which we were able to experiment and discuss all the little nuances about the sound of the recording in a way that only the band members themselves would ever care to do. We have taken our “experiments” home to play on our own systems and really decide whether we had achieved the sound we were looking for, and then go back and try again. We’re almost done with the mix and I have to say, I’m thrilled with the result and I’ve learned so much about what I’m looking for in a mixing session and how to get it.

We should have some sneak previews of the new CD up on our “listen” page very shortly.

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